Successful Cadent Innovation Day

FT Pipeline Systems recently hosted a fantastic innovation day for Cadent Gas at our gas premises in Staffordshire. Presentations were given on a range of products:

  • Gascat regulation and safety products: how the Gascat range can assist Cadent with the replacement of Fischer V25, Jetstream and J81 Governors.
  • Pre-heat systems: providing gas pre-heating for a lower environmental impact.
  • VRG zero bleed controllers: how the VRG range can assist with the replacement of the Bristol and Dresser Controllers.
  • Teeblender hydrogen blending system (in conjunction with Greener Blue Ltd)

In addition, demonstrations were available for our:

  • Pipe spacers (various ranges of pipe spacers to suit different requirements).
  • Smart lids (lids for fire hydrants, meters, washouts, which feature an integrated antenna to allow the signal from data loggers to pass through).
  • Marker posts (designed to highlight chambers in the ground; they can also incorporate an antenna if required).
  • CoverUp key (easily lift seized up manhole covers)

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