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FT Pipeline Systems can provide a wide range of different pipe joints in accordance with the requirements of a pipe system. Pipe jointing technology has evolved significantly over the past few decades, in accordance with the demands placed on pipe networks located in different situations and scenarios, for example subaqueous pipes or aggressive ground conditions.

Click on each of the four joints below for full details. In brief, typical applications for each of the joints include:

E Joint – Insulating Joint: Spigot and socket pipe joints are commonly used for low and medium pressure steel pipelines but for potable water systems where an internal epoxy coating is required, the welding process can sometimes damage the internal lining of the pipes. The FT E Joint is a great solution to this issue because it includes an air pocket, which reduces the heat transfer to the internal surface significantly, reducing the risk of damage to the lining.

Typical Applications:  1. Epoxy lined pipelines where man entry is not an option. 2. Where reduced weight per metre is required.

Socket Weld Joint: Combining the socket and welded pipe provides all of the benefits of the former, with the leak and corrosion benefits of the latter.

Typical Applications: 1. Epoxy lined pipelines where man entry is possible.  2. Cement mortar lined pipelines.

Butt Weld Joint :Great for use with potable water and sewage sludge. Welded pipe joints mean that there is no risk of leaks or corrosion.

Typical Applications: 1. Epoxy lined pipelines where man entry is possible. 2. Cement mortar lined pipelines.

Flanged Joint: The flanged joint design means that pipes are secured by external screws, providing additional joint support for the transportation of substances at high pressure.

Typical Applications: 1. Bridge crossings.  2. Short fabrication lengths, e.g. auger bore.

FT Pipeline Systems can provide the following pipe joints:


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