Bespoke Pipe Spacers (from APS)

Pipe spacers are used to support and electrically insulate a pipeline from a casing pipe through which it must pass. Typical uses include river, canal and bridge crossings, as well as road and rail crossings. The bespoke range of spacers are available as either PE casing spacers, FBE coated carbon steel or stainless steel options and with standard skids or with rollers. The spacers are virtually corrosion proof, require no special tools and are easy and efficient to install.

The carbon steel option is a pickled, formed base that is then powder coated and contains a rubber insulation between the pipe and the fitting and is the mainstay choice for many customers.
The skid option product is made from a glass filled polymer plastic with a high hardness, flexural and tensile strength.

The rollers are nylon filled plastic with a flexural strength of 40,000 psi. The Apogee system, as it is known, is a single directional product that prevents rotation or corkscrewing of the pipework during the installation phase.  The runners facilitate a reduction in the size of equipment needed and time spent installing the pipe. This, in turn, leads to huge cost savings.

Bespoke solutions can also be made as a centre restrained or custom positioned product according to the customers’ requirements. The delivery time on bespoke pipe spacers is typically only 2-3 weeks.

Case study using bespoke pipe spacers with rollers.

End Seals

Our end seals are cheaper yet superior to the traditional, labour-intensive method of using bricks and mortar to  seal casing ends. Whilst soil stress and pipe movement cause mortar to crack, our products move with the pipe, ensuring the integrity of the seal. Different types of end seals are available meaning any combination of pipe sizes can be accommodated. Made of thick, seamless neoprene rubber which ensures excellent chemical resilience, each end seal comes with two easy to use, stainless steel fixing bands.


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