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Has Your Stop Tap Box Lid or Manhole Cover Seized Up?

FT’s locking replacement stop tap lids, meter boxes, sluice valves and hydrant covers save water companies thousands of pounds each year by not having to replace the entire chamber when a lid is damaged. Only one operative is required to install an FT Pipeline no dig lockable replacement lid on the first visit. However, what happens when you encounter a stubborn cover that has seized up?

Whilst still ensuring safe lifting and manual handling techniques, any stuck lids or covers can now be raised without chiselling or hammering and without damaging the lid or frame. This new tool provides a momentary upward force of 1.5 tonnes! Thanks to the 8kg weight and slide hammer action you are effectively hammering the lid up. It comes with a variety of tips in different sizes to suit just about any application.

Take a look at the video to see how easy it is to use…

The ManUp key will save you time – it lifts even the most wedged in lid without specialist tools and without having to attack it with a hammer and chisel or screwdriver. And it will help prevent back injuries – it’s upright position means the tool does the work.

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