E Joint – Insulating Joint

Spigot and socket pipe joints are commonly used for low and medium pressure steel pipelines but for potable water systems where an internal epoxy coating is required, the welding process can sometimes damage the internal lining of the pipes. The FT E Joint is a great solution to this issue because it includes an air pocket, which reduces the heat transfer to the internal surface significantly, reducing the risk of damage to the lining.

“The E-joint has proven itself to do exactly what it says on the tin, and protect the internal lining during welding operations. The feedback from the welders and joiners on site have all been positive.”

M Faulds
Scottish Water

Diameters: 80mm – 1400mm

Steel Grades: L235, L275, L355 acc EN 10224

Linings: Epoxy to DWI 31 (4) (a), for potable water.  Also available for sewage / sludge applications

Protection: Blue 3 Layer PE; 3 Layer PP (both 1.8-4mm thick depending on OD); FBE (500 µm thick). Sewage pipes would be black in colour.

Uses: Potable Water & Sewage Sludge (with different epoxy linings).

Internal Repair: No repair needed on epoxy lining.

Pressure Rating: 1-150 bar depending on steel grade, OD, wall thickness and the epoxy specified.

Realistic Usability: All sizes where the customer wants an epoxy lining, but does not want to send a worker inside the pipe to repair the lining.

Joint Type: External Socket Weld joint.

Fittings: E- Joint fittings made to suit.

Aim: No corrosion, no leaks.

Soil Types: Ideal for all soil types because of complete corrosion protection.

Extras: Cement mortar rock shield for river crossings & rocky ground.


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