Corrosion Protection

Canusa polyethylene sleeves are the highest quality pipe joint protection available. They are heat activated / PE wraps for corrosion protection of all types of jointing method. The sleeves are quick to install as there is no need to prime or profile the pipe, making them extremely cost effective.

External corrosion protection of buried steel pipelines is covered in DIN 30 670. In accordance with this standard, the selection of the coating material is governed by the effects of mechanical, thermal or chemical stresses involved in this application. Within the framework of the application areas mentioned in DIN 30 670, polyethylene coating is suitable for all classes of soil, rendering extensive soil tests unnecessary. The PE coating used by FT Pipeline Systems is a 3-layer system designated ACS-III (Anti- Corrosion System).

The 3 layers are comprised of a fusion bonded epoxy to 350 microns, adhesive to 100 microns and 2-3mm heat bonded, seamless, polyethylene depending on the pipe diameter. The exceptional properties of the 3 layer coating is based on the adhesion between the 3 layers.

Cathodic Protection (BS 7361 and AWWA M27)

All metallic pipes are at risk of corrosion and it is only the quality of the corrosion protection that provides a suitable design life for a pipeline.

Causes of corrosion:

Influences on corrosion:

Cathodic protection can be applied in two ways; as a sacrificial anode or as an impressed current. Both systems protect the pipeline should the mainline coating be damaged at any time during installation or in the future


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