Slurry Pipe

Details: FT Pipeline Systems provide a range of slurry pipelines and slurry pipe accessories ideally suited for transporting slurry.

Slurry transportation presents additional challenges when compared to the transport of other substances, since slurry tends to be far more viscous a substance depending on the concentration of solids. Typical examples of slurry could be the waste from tunnel boring mixed with large volumes of water and pumped back down the excavated tunnel in the slurry pipeline, or indeed industrial slurry found in coalmines.

FT Pipeline Systems’ history of supplying pipe networks to the UK construction market ensures customers are provided with the most appropriate solutions depending on the requirements of the pipeline. Given that slurry can take many forms, FT Pipeline Systems ensures its pipelines are of a suitable design to transport the materials specified whilst safeguarding the longevity of the pipe network.

FT Pipeline Systems provides a variety of pipelines suitable for transporting slurry. Sizes range between 80mm –3200mm pipes, in both long and short pipe lengths and with a variety of coatings and linings including epoxy, polyurethane, galvanized, polyethylene, polypropylene and cement mortar. Slurry pipes are usually made of either bare or coated and lined steel and are suitably grooved at the end of the pipe. In addition, all slurry pipes are supplied with mechanical couplings.

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