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E Joint

Deflection in the Joint Saves Thousands in Fittings

When the original Ejoint/socket field joint was developed in the 1970s, little did the designers know that nearly 50 years later this simple but effective idea would still form the basis of efficient pipe laying. The concept was to increase good practice and safety by providing a solution for welded pipelines that did not require […]

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Flexible Dual Containment Offers Huge Cost Savings when Compared to a Traditional Rigid Installation

The advantages of flexible dual contained chemical dosing hose are numerous and are particularly highlighted when it comes to installation. They include: • Its light and supple material combined with the fact that it relies on capillary action rather than gravity to work, means that it can be installed almost anywhere. • Flexible hose can […]

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Prevent Unauthorised Access to Pipes

DefendaStrip® is a brilliantly versatile, visual and physical deterrent to trespassers on pipe bridges and crossings and FT Pipeline Systems is delighted to add this product to our suite of pipe accessories. It is an intelligent and cost-effective solution to the problem of unauthorised access to your pipes. DefendaStrip® is a plastic anti-climb product using defensive […]

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PRS Built to Meet Exact Requirements

The gas division of FT Pipeline Systems was recently approached to build a new Pressure Reducing System for a critical industrial process. The customer had been struggling to manage with their existing equipment for around 12 months as it was unable to supply gas at the correct pressures and volumes. FTPS’ task was to design […]

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New Gas Flow Control Valve Features Zero Bleed Technology

We are delighted to announce the addition of the VRG flow control products to our portfolio of gas valves and, in particular, the world leading VRG gas control valve positioner featuring zero vent whilst stationary. In traditional systems a small amount of gas bleeds out due to the pressure of the gas opening and closing […]

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Offloading of Coated and Lined Steel Pipes at Docks

Having supplied many UK contractors and water authorities with hundreds of kilometres of our coated and lined steel pipes, FTPS understands how critical it is to oversee every step of the supply process. One key aspect involves offloading the pipes at the docks once they have arrived by sea on a dedicated vessel from our […]

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Over 100 km of our dual contained hose purchased by the UK market

In 2016 we were excited to launch a brand new product into the UK water treatment market. PF-Detect was the first ever dual contained chemical dosing hose which had built-in leak detection, doing away with the need for catchpots. The flexible hose featuring capillary action made it suitable for virtually every situation and application as […]

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Vacuum Lift Operations for Large Diameter Pipe

FT Pipeline Systems was chosen to supply 10km of large diameter pipework for a UK Water Authority as part of a major construction project designed to guarantee future supplies to a UK city. The pipework has been manufactured by our partner mill in two phases with phase one now on site and phase two due […]

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Auger bore, pipe in pipe

Auger Bore – Pipe in Pipe Solutions

FT Pipeline Systems has been involved in a number of pipe in pipe solutions in recent months across the UK with the help of our experienced supply chain partner, Lortub. The pipework, used for river, road and rail crossings, has been supplied as E Joint / socket so as to provide a welded system that […]

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Phosphorus removal

Effective Phosphorus Removal

The following article featured in the June 2019 issue of  Water Industry Journal following an interview with Roger Attisha of FT Pipeline Systems and Pete Bibby of Waveney about how best to meet the challenge of phosphorus removal. Phosphorus is essential to life, but like all good things too much can be a bad thing. Applied as […]

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