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Stop Tap Box Locking Lids

Locking Replacement Stop Tap Box Lids are currently used by virtually every UK water company. They are a simple, cost-effective solution to replacing damaged stop tap box lids, particularly in areas of vandalism. Perhaps one of their biggest advantages is the cost saving to the customer – around £250 per lid!

In 2020 we have successfully introduced a new range of ‘Smart’ Lids which has massively improved the problem of intermittent signals from leakage loggers and is now being trialled by a growing number of water companies.

FT’s stop tap box locking lids are the answer to defective street furniture and section 81 reports. Every year, water companies pay out hundreds of thousands of pounds in insurance claims alone, resulting from injuries sustained due to broken, missing or vandalised surface boxes. Virtually, every UK water company now uses FT’s replacement lids which provide a no-dig, 10 minute solution for this daily struggle. The anti-vandal locking lids consist of a cast iron or ductile iron lid which locks into position using an ingenious plastic locking mechanism located beneath the lid.

Installation of the lid is carried out by inserting a screwdriver or water key into the slot in the mechanism, turning 90 degrees and placing in the chamber. The mechanism is then turned back through 90 degrees. To remove the lid, repeat the process and lift out.

FTPS can manufacture any size of lid to fit all types of surface box: stop tap, meter, boundary box, valves, washouts and hydrants. To request a free survey of your area, call us on 01543 416024.

The replacement lids are approved by Cadent Gas for use in the UK gas industry.

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