Canusa Liquid Epoxies

Canusa formulates and manufactures a series of liquid epoxies for use as standalone corrosion protection systems or as the primary corrosion protection layer in 3-layer systems.

High Build Epoxy Standalone Systems: A complete family of two-component liquid coating systems offering superior stand-alone mechanical and corrosion protection for direct-to-steel applications. Canusa’s HBE products can achieve high film build (thickness) in a single coat with typical thicknesses ranging 20-40 mils (500 – 1000 microns). HBE coatings are used for the protection of pipeline field joint girth welds, as a repair system for FBE coated pipe, rehabilitation projects, or pipeline valves, fittings and bends.

Atomizer Gun and Cartridge System: The Canusa Atomizer Gun is an advanced pneumatic dispenser designed to spray apply Canusa’s two-component HBE for standalone corrosion protection systems, and/or Liquid Epoxy Types for 3-layer corrosion protection systems. The gun is capable of applying Canusa’s liquid coatings faster, easier, with less clean up, with less applicator error and with minimal equipment maintenance vs. conventional brush and spray install methods. The Atomizer Gun and Cartridge System allow applicators to produce a coating thickness that is both consistent and repeatable.


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