Pipe Accessories Downloads

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Canusa heat shrink sleeves, cold applied tapes and liquid epoxies


  1. K 40 (Corrosion protective heat shrinkable sleeve up to 40°C)
  2. K 60 (Corrosion protective heat shrinkable sleeve up to 60°C)
  3. KLON & KLNN (2 layer sleeve systems)
  4. GTS PP (3LPP field applied coating system)
  5. GTS PE (3LPE field applied coating system)
  6. PLA (Tubular sleeve for pipeline corrosion protection)
  7. TBK (joint protection for directional drilling)
  8. GTS-PP-VE (Heat shrink sleeves for larger diameter pipes)

Wrapid Shield™ (Impact protection for pipeline coatings)

WrapidTape™ (Primerless crosslinked protective tape)

WrapidBond™ (Visco-elastic adhesive based system)

WrapidCoat™ (Outer wrap for WrapidBond)

Canusa K60 application instructions

Pipe Spacers