Canusa Cold Applied Tapes

Wrapid Bond™ and Wrapid Coat™

Canusa offers a visco-elastic adhesive based system (cold applied tapes) for pipeline corrosion protection.

Wrapid Bond™ is a wraparound corrosion protective coating consisting of a modified and reinforced visco-elastic adhesive applied onto a polyethylene carrier film. Supplied in roll form, Wrapid Bond™ is for use on aboveground and underground pipelines, and steel structures.

Wrapid Coat™ PVC is a tough, polyvinyl chloride based tape with special high tack adhesive formulated as the outer wrap for Wrapid Bond™. Combined, the system is resistant to corrosive salt water, soil acids, alkalis and salts, common chemicals, chemical vapours, and exposure to outdoor weathering and sunlight. The composition of both products is such that they provide an effective barrier to water and oxygen which enhances corrosion protection and soil stress resistance.