Socket Weld Joint

Combining the socket and welded pipe provides all of the benefits of the former, with the leak and corrosion benefits of the latter.

Diameters: 80mm – 1400mm

Steel Grades: L235, L275, L355 acc EN 10224

Linings: Cement Mortar Lining to DWI 25 (1) (a) & DWI 31 (4) (a), and Epoxy to DWI 31 (4) (a).

Protection: Blue 3 Layer PE; 3 Layer PP (both 1.8-4mm thick depending on OD); FBE (500 µm thick). Sewage pipes would be black in colour.

Uses: Potable Water & Sewage Sludge

Internal Repair: No repair needed on c/m lining. Repair needed on epoxy lining with recommended repair kits.

Pressure Rating: 1-150 bar depending on steel grade, OD and wall thickness.

Realistic Usability: Any potable water or sewage sludge pipeline, especially where aggressive or rocky ground conditions will result in, or has resulted in, corroded, cracked and leaking pipelines after only a few years.

Joint Type: Single External Socket Weld joint.

Fittings: Socket Weld fittings made to suit.

Aim: No corrosion, no leaks

Soil Types: Ideal for all soil types because of complete corrosion protection.

Extras: Cement mortar rock shield for river crossings & rocky ground.


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