steel water pipes

Steel Water Pipes

FT Pipeline Systems supplies steel pipes throughout the UK in diameters 80mm through to 4000mm. The integrity and long-term, high performance of water pipelines that are set in the ground is underpinned by effective protection from corrosion and stresses arising from location. FT Pipeline Systems offers a variety of coatings, linings and jointing options to suit the particular requirements of potable water applications and the steel pipes specified.

The supply of potable water, via pipeline, to towns and cities requires materials capable of meeting the challenges of both the natural and built environments. Steel is just such a resilient material, suitable not only for the supply of drinking water but also for the transportation of wastewater and sewage. Steel pipes enjoy a long life expectancy too, reducing the need for maintenance.

FT Pipeline Systems has many years of experience in sourcing and supplying coated and lined steel water pipe, fittings and associated materials to the UK Water Authorities. Initially, we supplied only smaller diameter pipe but as the UK’s exclusive distributor of Canusa’s heat shrink sleeves, we installed thousands of these joint protection sleeves on a number of multiple kilometre, large diameter pipelines. In 2002, we began working with a large diameter steel mill along with an experienced fabrication shop, Lortub who developed our Ejoint / socket technology which is still being used today. These developments meant that FTPS was awarded supply contracts for a number of large diameter, critical infrastructure projects around the country. Examples include the Bray Main, a 17km pipeline which ran through the Royal Estates near Bracknell to Maidenhead, and the Gloucester SoS Main, which guarantees the supply of water to the city of Gloucester. More recent examples include the supply of 46kms of steel pipes and hundreds of fittings to the Ayrshire Resilience project in Scotland, and four new 1.6m diameter pipes for replacement work at the Haweswater Aqueduct near Hallbank in Cumbria.

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