Pipe Bridges

Project: Replacement of Cast Iron Sewer Pipe

Details: FT Pipeline Systems has recently supplied several straight lengths of double flanged steel pipe and a 14.5m bridge crossing as part of a replacement cast iron sewer pipe in Cheshire. The pipes were lined with 162 HB and coated with 1mm polyurethane. They were joined to the existing pipe with the use of a stepped coupling.

The sewer pipe being replaced dated back to the 1930s. A high pressure jet of the pipeline disturbed the settlement at the bottom, which in turn, exposed corrosion of the pipe causing it to leak into the stream below the bridge.

Customer: Northumbrian Water

Project: Holywell Dene, Seaton Sluice

Details: The Holywell Pipe Bridge at Seaton Sluice had suffered extensive structural damage. The decision was made to construct a new offline self-supporting pipeline constructed adjacent to the existing bridge.

Once completed, tie-ins to the old system via new manholes were required. The old pipeline and bridge were then decommissioned, dismantled and removed.

FT Pipeline Systems supplied 700mm steel pipe for the project, coated with 3 layer polyethylene with an ultraviolet protective overcoat to prevent chalking. An E Joint system was also supplied, meaning that no internal repair was needed to the lining after the external welding of the pipe joints.

Customer: Scottish Water

Project: Pipebridge carrying Sewage Sludge

Details: The pipebridge project required 300mm pipes with an epoxy internal lining capable of dealing with the aggressive nature of sludge.  The pipes also had an epoxy coating which needed to be dark green in colour, in keeping with the environment.

Please note:  We also supply anti-trespass and anti-vandal protection for all pipe bridges.


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