Replacement Stop Tap Lids Leave Customers Happy - FT Pipeline Systems

Replacement Stop Tap Lids Leave Customers Happy

Severn Trent recently approached Nick Shaw, Manager of the Locking Lids division at FT Pipeline Systems, to help identify a stop tap lid that was on the drive of one of its customers in Shropshire. The lid had been damaged and the property owner was keen to resolve the problem without having to dig up part of his drive in order to replace the entire chamber. FT Pipelines stocks over 400 shapes and sizes of lid to cover the entire country and Severn Trent required assistance to identify the exact size and type of lid to be replaced. We were happy to go and provide a personal service for a long-standing customer and were able to quickly identify the lid which was then easily replaced in just a few minutes.

United Utilities also had reason to contact FTPS recently to request help with one particular stop tap lid. They have been working on a new housing estate and were having problems with trespassers entering the building site overnight and because the new chambers were exposed, valves were being turned off which was then causing blockages on site. This proved to be a huge hindrance and United Utilities was incurring costs to fix the problem. They sent over pictures of the chamber along with its dimensions to FT Pipelines. We were then able to take a selection of lids out to the site to identify which one was required and to resolve the problem.

FT Pipeline Systems has been supplying stop tap box replacement locking lids to virtually every water company in the UK for over 35 years saving them thousands of pounds each year in reduced labour costs and doing away with the need to excavate the area.