Offloading of Coated and Lined Steel Pipes at Docks

Having supplied many UK contractors and water authorities with hundreds of kilometres of our coated and lined steel pipes, FTPS understands how critical it is to oversee every step of the supply process. One key aspect involves offloading the pipes at the docks once they have arrived by sea on a dedicated vessel from our pipe mill in Turkey.

Typically most projects are delivered in two or three stages and it can take 2-4 weeks to fully offload the pipes and deliver them to site. The video here gives a flavour of the work involved. This particular project involved 360 pipes loaded onto the first vessel. The coated and lined steel pipes were 1600mm diameter; each one was 14m long and weighed 7 tons. End caps were inserted onto each pipe to maintain the integrity of the internal lining.

It took 3 days to offload the entire ship. Each pipe then had to be inspected. This entailed moving them and rolling them to check for any external damage to the coating. If any nicks or cuts had occurred during transit, then our team repaired them using Canusa repair products.

The final stage is delivery out to the customer’s site. The size of these particular pipes meant that one vehicle was required per pipe. Using four trucks, twelve pipes were delivered each day.
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