Eliminating the Risk of Environmental Damage Worldwide

Our flagship chemical dosing hose products, PF Detect and Protectaflex, offer two massive advantages over traditional rigid systems:

  1. Built-in leak detection comes as standard triggering an alarm the moment a leak arises, instantly shutting down the line, and containing any escaped chemicals in the outer pipe jacket – thereby eliminating the risk of environmental damage.
  2. The flexible hose doesn’t rely on capillary action, meaning it can be installed virtually anywhere at significantly reduced costs.

These benefits meant that the products were quick to be accepted by water companies in the UK but, also, they have been noticed around the world.  A few examples include:

Fish farming in Norway: Arctic Flow, in Norway, works in the fish farming industry providing equipment for environmentally conscious customers. They offer solutions for the silage of fish, safe storage of chemicals, processing and transport of residual raw materials from aquaculture and the fishing industry. They now supply Protectaflex and PF Detect to the Norwegian market, in green, which is required by the fish farming sector.

Water Companies in Australia: Our distributor down under has recently taken delivery of two large containers full of continuous lengths of between 300m and 500m of all sizes of hose to supply to a number of ongoing projects.

Water Companies in Europe: Our distributor in France keeps extensive stocks to supply various new and ongoing projects and is currently looking to extend their network into several other European countries.

Water Company in USA:  Heeley Grensen in the USA specified our hose for the Pennsylvania Water Company. The product was installed  in 2017 and was the first installation overseas.


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