Class 600 PRS Fuel Gas System

FT Pipeline Systems gas division has recently built and delivered to site a class 600 PRS complete with compact heat pack, reducing pressure from 60 bar down to 180 millibar. The unit is a gas feed to auxiliary boilers for the production of electricity at a power station.

The customer needed to replace a unit which had never functioned properly to the required level.  This was largely due to the trace heating system which did not impart enough heat into the gas to stop it freezing, causing the system to break down frequently. At the start of the process the customer wanted to use trace heating again, however, our design engineers were able to demonstrate the benefits of using our own heat pack and heat exchanger unit instead. Site visits were carried out to fully assess the installation and logistical issues to both decommission and remove the old unit and install the new one.

This particular ‘Fuel Gas System’ is connected at one end to a gas pipeline which delivers gas to the PRS at 60 bar. The PRS has two stages, the first stage reduces the pressure down to 4½ bar and the second stage reduces it to 180 millibar which then feeds the auxiliary gas boiler system of our customer, producing electricity at the touch of a button as and when electricity is demanded by the electric grid. Reducing gas pressure from 60 bar to 180 millibar is extremely dangerous and our PRS has all the high end components required to do this properly and safely.

The customer was very impressed that even during this period, we have not delayed the build or been late and have delivered on time despite the implications of COVID 19. FTPS gas division benefits from a dedicated, clean site where it is easily possible to maintain social distancing.

A video showing the various components of the PRS can be viewed here.


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