Steel Pipework Chosen for New Water Main

FT Pipeline Systems has recently imported over 7km of 450mm, 600mm and 700mm coated and lined steel potable water pipe into South Wales. The steel pipework was delivered in 6m and 7m lengths at the request of the customer and is lined with Eurokote 468 Thixo in line with Drinking Water Regulation 31.4.a.  Our supply partner, Erciyas, provided a full quality plan prior to manufacture of the 800 tonnes of steel pipework which was shipped in through Newport Docks in December 2017.

As part of FTPS’s customer service each pipe was inspected prior to loading out for the customer by our experienced team. The docks check included for ovality, coating defects and fixed end caps with the individual pipe numbers recorded to maintain full traceability.

The pipes have been supplied as part of Welsh Water’s investment programme for a new section of large diameter water pipe between Bewdley Bank service reservoir and Hereford City. This will ensure the continued supply of safe, reliable and clean drinking water for  many years to come. It will also ensure security of supply and alleviate low water pressure issues.

steel pipework
FT Pipeline Systems has been supplying steel pipe into the UK water industry for many years.

A variety of coatings, linings and jointing options are available to suit the particular requirements of your job and the steel pipes required.

Steel water pipes are supplied in 6m, 9m, 12m, 13m and 13.5m lengths. Other pipe lengths up to 18m are available. A selection of images from work we have undertaken is available to view here.


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