Knock-on Effects of HS2

Whilst the High Speed 2 rail project remains a highly controversial issue, the recent ‘Notice To Proceed’ issued by the UK government has given the green light to designers and contractors alike to start the next phase of work. However, in some areas of the country, the HS2 construction work is having a knock-on effect which needs to be managed by water authorities. In particular, one Water Treatment Works in north London forms an integral part of the local water network and ensures the community is provided with a reliable supply of water each day. In order to safeguard the continuous supply of high-quality water, a temporary filtration plant is being installed on site. The temporary filtration plant will act as a safeguard against potential increases in the concentration of chalk in groundwater, which may be affected by nearby HS2 works, and will be removed once the works are finished.

FT Pipeline Systems has been asked to supply the dual contained chemical dosing hose for use in the filtration plant. PF Detect is a flexible hose and its capillary action means it does not have to rely on gravity, making it both easy and economically efficient to install. It also has built-in leak detection so, in the unlikely event of a leak (none have yet been recorded) an alarm would be activated and immediate action taken. The built-in leak detection means that catchpots are not needed as any escaped liquid will be caught in the polyurethane jacket.

The temporary filtration plant will bring together 3 PF Detect lines which will be connected with a tee fitting. As this is an exposed fitting, it needs to be contained within a catchpot just in case the fitting leaks (not the pipe). The catchpots (pictured above) have been specially adapted for this purpose.

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