Horus – High flow, low noise regulator

FT Pipeline Systems gas division introduces its class leading Gascat Horus regulator complete with its silencing which brings noise breakout to well below  80dB. These two pictured above are for 4 bar inlet to 160mbar outlet and destined for one of our gas to power customers. Available in 1 inch to 10 inch and class 150 to 900, this high flow unit is capable of inlet pressures from 80bar down to 0.7bar.

The Horus regulator has outstanding characteristics in applications with high differential pressure combined with high process flow. It is typically used in natural gas transportation and with distribution stations.

Horus is a pilot operated axial flow regulator and displays very low noise levels even at high flow. In addition to this, the double diaphragm pilots supplied with the valve allow accuracy in set pressure up to 1%. The construction design meets the active (fail open) / monitor (fail close) configuration.


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