GASCAT Model 254 Low Differential Pressure Governor Adapted for Extreme Biogas

Flexibility of design and manufacture leads to project solutions…

GASCAT is supplying the 254 Governor type regulator made totally in stainless steel ANSI 316L polished to operate with Biogas and Hydrogen and H2S contaminants in high concentrations.

Pressure Regulators with low inlet pressure and low controlled pressures are called “Governors” (British name); the main characteristic is that they work with a very low differential pressure.

254 Governor Available in 2 to 8 inch ANSI 150 and PN16

254 stainless steel designed for Suez Water Technology

The operating conditions for this application are:

After tests at GASCAT test rigs the flow reached 2,654 Nm3/h with 5% pressure drop.

This Governor feeds a boiler system to aid in the production of Pectin from orange skins.

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