Gas Pipe Re-lining Scheme Requires Bespoke Spacers

FT Pipeline Systems has been instrumental in helping ease the load for a gas pipe re-lining scheme by providing specially adapted roller spacers.

The original cast iron gas pipes, in a major UK city, are over 100 years old, with joints every 3 metres, and their poor condition is contributing to low gas pressure in the conurbation. To avoid having to dig up the roads in large areas of the city, new gas pipes are being inserted into the old pipes which are still in use.

The customer wanted to use our range of pipe spacers as they incorporate rollers allowing the pipe to be easily pushed into the existing pipe. However, a problem arose due to the expanding metal bands which had previously been used to create a gas seal. The roller spacers were unable to go over them meaning men had to go down into the pipe to take the metal bands out.

After consultation with our supplier, we developed a custom-made roller which was able to go over the bands. Initial tests have been carried out with spacers located every 2.4 metres, with very positive results.

An additional request from the customer was for the spacers to be bi-directional due to restrictive entry points on site.

The trial push was over 240 metres and the tests showed that no corkscrewing had taken place.

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FT Pipeline Systems offers a choice of pipe spacers: bespoke products (in carbon steel or stainless steel) and off-the-shelf spacers (an HDPE skid solution). The bespoke system incorporating rollers makes installation of large bore pipework easy with a significant reduction in the push force required. This makes it ideal for longer pushes and has the added benefit of preventing rotation during the installation. Delivery time on bespoke spacers is typically only 2-3 weeks.

The off-the-shelf spacers are an HDPE option where the sections are easily bolted together and come with an anti-skid page, designed to withstand abrasion and spread the load during the installation phase.




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