Flexible Dual Containment Pipework Attracts Interest

The introduction of a flexible alternative for dual contained chemical dosing hose is proving very popular in both Europe and the USA where, traditionally, rigid pipework has always been used.

Our European distributor for our water treatment division, Lortub, will be exhibiting at Pollutec in Lyon, France at the end of November. Pollutec is an international exhibition for equipment and technology for the environment and energy sectors which has been running for over 40 years. Fourteen different sectors will be represented and Lortub will be situated in the ‘Management of Water Resources’ sector and will be available to demonstrate the latest technology in leak detectable flexible chemical dosing hose.

At the end of October, FT Pipeline Systems, in conjunction with Lortub, exhibited at WATEC (Water Technology and Environmental Control) in Italy. A key advantage of our PF-Detect product is its built-in leak detection, so in the unlikely event of a leak, the liquid is contained within the polyurethane jacket. This is a major environmental benefit and was well received by the international attendees in Italy.

The USA is another market which has shown huge interest in PF-Detect, our innovative flexible dosing hose. FT Pipeline Systems has been invited to present at another TAG convention in America. The Technology Approval Group (TAG) will take place in Texas at the end of November and will give US water utilities the opportunity to review new technologies, one of which will be our PF-Detect product.


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