Flexible Dual Containment Offers Huge Cost Savings when Compared to a Traditional Rigid Installation

The advantages of flexible dual contained chemical dosing hose are numerous and are particularly highlighted when it comes to installation. They include:

• Its light and supple material combined with the fact that it relies on capillary action rather than gravity to work, means that it can be installed almost anywhere.
• Flexible hose can often be installed via a duct, for example, and so there is no need for expensive and disruptive excavation works.
• At up to 63% lighter than traditional rigid systems it is easier and cheaper to handle and transport.

However, a quick look at the table below shows the huge cost savings to be made from using flexible hose. Initially, the cost per unit of the rigid pipe appears to be comparable or even cheaper than flexible pipe. However, when you add in the cost of the man hours required to carry out each installation, along with the quantity of fittings needed for rigid pipe, the massive savings to be made from using flexible hose become apparent.

Our PF Detect and Protectaflex hose can be delivered in continuous runs with no joints up to 500m, meaning you only require one fitting for each end on half a kilometer of pipe! In the example below for 50mm pipe, this can save you £4086.30 on fittings alone.



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