Custom-built PRS to supply a CHP system

FT Pipeline Systems’ Gas Division was asked to build a pressure reducing system including a small electrical direct heating system that would be used to supply a CHP system (combined heat and power). The PRS was supplied with one of our double-door, either-side kiosks which are available in Zintec steel with a finish powder coat in green.

This application is very similar to a fuel gas system used on a Heatpak.

PRS Design Duty

Inlet pressure – 10 – 19 barg
BASED ON MIP = 20.9 barg and Design Temperature – 20 to +60 1st stage will be CL300 Rating.
Flow rate – 100- 175 Sm³/hr
Outlet pressure – 200 mbar
Inlet Temperature – design for 0-20 °C
Skid mounted rig


This National Grid Gas specification contains the requirements for the design and construction of preassembled, single or multiple stream, regulator modules operating with inlet pressures in the range above 7 bar and not exceeding 49 bar at an ambient temperature of between -20 °C and 60 °C.
NOTE: At ambient temperatures above 50 °C the maximum operating pressure of ASA 300 flanges will be less than 49 bar.
This specification applies to above and below ground modules.

Installations within the scope of this specification include:

  • Pressure Regulating Installations, supplying National Grid Gas’s low pressure, medium pressure, or intermediate pressure networks from the high pressure network.
  • Industrial/Commercial Pressure Regulating Installations in mains and services supplying industrial/commercial premises from high pressure networks, but not including any gas supply meter installation.

double door kiosk

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