Client participates in FAT over Teams

Two identical hydrogen skids have been built by our Brazilian supplier, Gascat, for a large commercial gas user here in the UK. Our customer aims to reduce the carbon footprint of their energy use and will be trialling the hydrogen and hydrogen/natural gas mix skids on burner systems.

The rigs comprise an active, slam, slam configuration, the Argos slam shut and the GIPS slam shut, along with the Domus, pilot-loaded system; all hydrogen tested.

Once the build was complete, we were able to invite the customer to participate in the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) which took place in Brazil, via Microsoft Teams. Pictured above is one of the screenshots taken during the testing. The right-hand picture shows the fixed camera angle, whilst the left-hand picture shows images captured on a mobile phone which was used for close-ups on various elements as the test progressed.

The customer was able to watch, in real time, the various tests and checks being carried out to ensure for example, the regulators were operating to the correct pressures and slam shut valves were functioning correctly.

The two hydrogen skids are being rented to the customer and are due to arrive in the UK in the next few days, at which point, further checks will be carried out. However, being able to be a part of the initial FAT at the point of manufacture offered the customer another level of reassurance in the quality of the build. Being able to ask specific questions and watch the tests is a testament to the level of care and attention carried out.

This was the first time we have carried out remote testing but we hope to incorporate it into all future product testing as part of our QA system including, possibly, testing for hydrogen under water.

If you would like more details on any of our hydrogen or gas pressure reducing rigs, please contact us: or call 01543 416024.

FAT - testing the slam shut

Testing the slam shut


FAT - leak path testing at working pressure

Leak path testing at working pressure



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