Chemical Dosing Hose Now Available in Purple

Water Treatment Division Eases Workload with Purple Hose

For many years, it has been standard practice to attach purple braiding to dosing hose after installation to show that chemicals are passing through the pipe. In a bid to help streamline your operations, we are delighted to announce that we can now manufacture our flexible hose in purple for both PF Detect and Protectaflex.

Installing hose that is already purple will save time but more than that, it will be immediately obvious to all plant staff which lines are being used for chemical dosing.

If you would like further details or pricing information, please do get in touch. Orders for purple hose are currently subject to a minimum order quantity so that we can better manage our production facilities as we switch production between clear and purple.

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FT Pipeline Systems introduced its leak detectable chemical dosing hose (PF Detect) to the UK market just 4 years ago and is now approved and specified by many UK water companies including Severn Trent Water, Scottish Water, Anglian Water, Wessex Water, Southern Water, Thames Water and Yorkshire Water. Protectaflex has been operational in the UK water treatment market since 2012 and is installed on many sites. Currently this is the hose of choice with Yorkshire Water, Severn Trent Water, Welsh Water, Scottish Water, Southern Water, Northumbrian Water and UU with full specification and approvals.

Protectaflex and PF Detect are the second generation of dual contained hose systems, the first being the conventional hose-in-hose set up as our Draw-Flex. The main difference is that the outer containment is extruded around the outside of the dosing hose, but not bonded to it. The outer containment is manufactured from a UV stabilised, WRAS approved polyurethane. In the unlikely event of a failure of the dosing hose the escaping liquid travels between the dosing hose and the PU containment jacket with the benefit of capillary action as well. Hence you do not need a low point for any mid-line catchpots.


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