Sealtaq Aquablock – impermeable sealant

Sealtaq Aquablock is an impermeable sealant that provides waterproofing/sealing and corrosion protection in applications where airtightness, water ingress and/or corrosion is a problem. It is a non-toxic, synthetic compound that is elastic, remaining permanently flexible meaning that additional cables can be added later as the product can be re-sealed. The product is available up to 35oC (suitable for wet substrates) and up to 65oC (suitable for dry substrates).


Watch a video of Sealtaq in use.

Additional products in the range include:

  1. Sealtaq Paste: Corrosive preventive and water barrier alternative to ageing sealant. Can be used for non-moving joints and voids. Applied by hand (suitable up to 70oC).
  2. Sealtaq Repair Filler: For use on wet and moist flat steel and flat concrete substrates. Can be used for non-moving cracks only and can be applied underwater.

Application examples include:

The following datasheets are available for download:

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