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The purpose of the FT technical centre is to assist our customers with planning and logistics during the various phases of pipeline projects. For example, we used to receive numerous phone calls asking about the weight of our steel pipes to assist in the handling and transportation process.  The pressure rating of different pipes is also useful to know and a question we are often asked.

So, in response to our customers’ needs, we have developed easy-to-use online calculators for both of these issues. Please be aware that the answers provided are for guidance only and are not exact figures.


Steel Pipe Weight Calculator

Pressure Rating Calculator

Heat Input Calculator for Welding

Span Length Calculator 

Data Sheets

The following datasheets were last verified with the manufacturers’ information in January 2020.

Polyken 930 (External PE tape coating for steel fittings)

Eurokote 468 Thixo (Internal epoxy lining with DWI approval for pipe and fittings)

Eurokote 480 Fast Cure (Fast curing epoxy for repair of pipe linings)

Endoprene 880 FT  (PU repair product for PU coatings)

Endoprene 870 (PU coating for fittings)

Interzone 954 (External epoxy coating for fittings)

Interthane 990 (External UV protective top coat)

Acothane DW brush grade (DWI approved two pack repair product)

Versathane spray grade (WRAS approved PU for internal and external pipe coating)

Versapox (Fast curing, solvent free epoxy coating)

Versathane mastic grade (WRAS approved two pack repair product)

Pipelaying Instructions for Welded Steel Pipes (Updated information will be uploaded in 2021)

Results of 40 bar pressure test for E Joint pressure pipes

“As Fit” Solutions -The Steel Way


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