Fire Hydrant Smart Lids (new for 2020)

Following successful trials of our new ‘smart’ fire hydrant lid (FH), we are delighted to be able to share the details with our locking lid customers.

In conjunction with Severn Trent Water, FT Pipeline Systems has been developing a smart lid for the fire hydrants in their region. Severn Trent approached us with a request to modify our existing FH lids to help them resolve an ongoing issue they were experiencing.

Severn Trent have installed around 38,000 leakage loggers across their area. Typically, around 37% of the 10,000 installed in the Birmingham area suffer from intermittent signals. This is because the signal from the logger can’t transmit through the standard fire hydrant lid. The solution has been to develop an integrated antenna built into the lid to allow the signal to get through. A number of the new smart lids have been installed over the last few weeks on a trial basis and all of them have worked properly without any issues.

We are now looking at different supply options to ensure the customer benefits from the most cost effective solution whether that be refurbishing existing lids to include the antenna or furnishing them with new lids. The new smart lids only require one technician to install them and will enjoy all the existing time and cost-saving benefits associated with FT locking lids.

For further details please contact Nick Shaw on 07931 723465 or