Steel Water Pipes Overview

FT Pipeline Systems supplies steel pipe throughout the UK, in diameters 80mm through to 4000mm. A variety of coatings, linings and jointing options are available to suit the particular requirements of your job and the steel pipes required.

Steel pipe is supplied in 6m, 9m, 12m, 13m and 13.5m lengths. Other steel pipe lengths up to 18m are available.

As well as producing a range of steel pipe products, FT Pipeline Systems will manufacture all types of welded fittings (bend tee, level invert tee etc.) to BS EN 10311:2005 / BS EN 10224:2002. The coating and lining of the welded fittings are identical to the pipeline.

Key Points:

  • Regulation DWI 31 (4) (a) and DWI 25 (1) (a) approved.
  • Ideal for any ground conditions, contaminated or rocky.
  • Especially suited to brownfield and high pressure situations.
  • No additional external wrapping required.
  • 3 layer PE corrosion protection required.
  • WRC Approvals
  • Supplied as spigot & socket / flanged / E joint / Victaulic ends.

“I would be happy to assure any of your potential customers of the quality and constructability of your e joint pipes and fittings.”

Sean Lavin
Caledonia Water Alliance

Spigot and socket jointing systems are commonly used in low and medium pressure steel pipelines but for potable water pipes and systems where an internal epoxy coating is required, the external fillet weld invariably damages the internal lining. The FT E-Joint overcomes this problem as it includes an air pocket which drastically reduces the heat transfer to the internal surface.