Large Diameter Pipe

Customer: South East Water

Project: Pipeline between Bray WTW near Maidenhead and two reservoirs in Swinley Forest, Berkshire.

Details: 17kms of 1200mm steel water pipe.  The 13.5m lengths of welded steel pipe each weighed 4 tonnes and were coated with 3 layer polyethylene and lined with DWI cement mortar lining.  FT’s 3 layer PE coating gives a passive 100% corrosion protection which means that if installed correctly, active corrosion will never take place, meaning no leaks and no repairs.

Along with the 1250 sections of pipe, FT also supplied a variety of fittings and Canusa heat shrink sleeves for total corrosion protection.

“This was a very important scheme which was needed to help secure supplies for both existing and future customers in the company’s supply area. 

For such a strategic pipeline the choice of material and its long term durability was of primary concern to South East Water.  Having worked closely with FT during the design and procurement of this pipeline we are very pleased with the final result.

The professionalism and service FT has provided on this project ensured that the quality and timely delivery of the supplied product met all our expectations.”

Gordon Percy (Engineering Manager for South East Water)