Pipe Coatings - FT Pipeline Systems

Pipe Coatings

FT Pipeline Systems offers a range of external pipe coatings:

1. Three Layer Polyethylene or Polypropylene coating to DIN 30 670.

Buried pipelines are often exposed to extremely high stresses under service conditions. Efficient corrosion protection, therefore, is an essential pre-requisite in maintaining their trouble-free operation.

Effective external corrosion protection of buried steel pipelines is covered in DIN 30 670. In accordance with this standard, the selection of the coating material is governed by the effects of mechanical, thermal or chemical stresses involved in this application. Within the framework of the application areas mentioned in DIN 30 670, polyethylene coating is suitable for all classes of soil. Therefore, extensive soil tests are unnecessary. The PE or PP coating used by FT Pipeline Systems is a 3-layer system designated ACS-III (Anti- Corrosion System).

The 3 layers comprise of a fusion bonded epoxy base, fusion bonded adhesive primer and heat bonded seamless PE or PP layer. The exceptional properties of this coating is based on the combination of chemical and mechanical properties.

2. Scotchkote 162 High Build / 165 High Build

During the last 50 years, 3M has established itself as a leading manufacturer and worldwide supplier to the water services industry of high performance wet applied protective coatings. It is unrivalled in its expertise in producing solvent-free high build coatings for both internal and external applications to pipelines.

3. Optional reinforced cement coating / rock shield / weight coating.