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FT Pipeline Systems offers a completely safe pipe logistics and pipe transportation system by train or truck which can easily be adjusted for different pipe diameters. The System88 package is made from LDPE and is suitable for coated pipes. System88 offers the following advantages:   

System88 is manufactured by Dhatec, (part of Shawcor who own the Canusa brand) who are specialists in line pipe logistic equipment and pipe transportation. We have been representing Canusa in the UK for over 30 years and with Dhatec joining the organisation, access to their excellent range became possible.

Pipe Raiser (large diameter pipe transportation)

The Pipe Raiser is designed to transport two large diameter pipes (50″ – 60″) on one trailer in a safe way. It offers the following advantages:

Pipe Roller

The Pipe Roller is an ideal tool for easy and safe manual movement of pipes. The standard rotating head is suitable for a wall thickness range of 3 – 25 mm. We also have a rotating head available for a wall thickness range of 25 – 50 mm. The Pipe Roller offers the following advantages:

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