Kleerband® Flange Protectors

Flanges, the most common problem area, need to be sealed properly to prevent leakage and must also be cathodically isolated to prevent stray currents which cause corrosion and eventual breakdown of the metal. FT Pipeline Systems offers a range of flange protectors to help solve most flange sealing problems, therefore preventing subsequent corrosion and saving the integrity of the pipeline.

The new Kleerband® flange protectors are designed to protect flange face, studs and gaskets on raised face, full face and ring joint flanges from atmospheric corrosion encountered in chemical plants, refineries, gas plants, offshore platforms, onshore oil fields, metering stations, water and wastewater plants, pump stations and underground pipelines.

With the new Kleerband® design, visual inspection of the flange surface can be accomplished without removing the flange protector.


flange protectors


KleerGel®’s Heavy Duty Synthetic Grease

This high performance synthetic grease is a non-staining, non-toxic multipurpose lubricate which outperforms all petroleum based greases and many synthetic greases. Compared to petroleum-based greases, which contain many impurities, KleerGel’s product is free of contamination and is one reason why it performs better at higher and lower temperatures and under more demanding conditions.

Synthetic lubricants by their nature are not as easily prone to oxidation, emulsification and other destructive chemical reactions, which are inherent to petroleum-based greases. KleerGel further improves the performance of its grease by adding special anti-wearing, anti-rusting, and anti-oxidative additives.

Petroleum based greases contain impurities which reduce film strength and decrease wear protection. These greases form by adding thickeners (calcium, sodium, lithium) to petroleum based oils, which form harmful deposits at high temperatures and solidify at low temperatures.

Watch a short video on the installation of Kleerband® and Kleergel®

Kleerband (clear flange protectors) and Kleergel (inhibitor grease) protect your asset against corrosion and ingress of water as specified by National Grid.