Pipe End Caps

Are Missing End Caps a Problem?

Missing or damaged pipe end caps is a common occurrence on site and can lead to a variety of problems. To assist customers with this issue, FT Pipeline Systems has developed its own, unique, pipe end cap. Made from woven polypropylene with a separate rubber closure band, they are cost-effective, lightweight, easily portable and very durable. They are available for pipe sizes 80mm – 2000mm diameter.

Following the success of the basic end caps, we have expanded the range to include caps for flanged pipe which incorporate a drawstring closure method and are available for pipes from 65mm to 2000mm.

The FT end caps are extremely easy to apply, and since they can be folded up, can be conveniently stored in a site vehicle.  They can be re-used but once they come to the end of their useful life, can be widely recycled.  End caps come printed with the pipe diameter to further simplify their use.