Prevent Unauthorised Access to Pipes

DefendaStrip® is a brilliantly versatile, visual and physical deterrent to trespassers on pipe bridges and crossings, governors, depots or as a perimeter security measure. FT Pipeline Systems is delighted to add this product to our suite of pipe accessories. It is an intelligent and cost-effective solution to the problem of unauthorised access to your pipes.

DefendaStrip® is a plastic anti-climb product using defensive cones of irregular heights. Made from a weather resistant Polypropylene, this flexible design minimises the risk of harm and associated personal injury claims, or even risk of prosecution, compared with metal deterrents.

The strips can be cut precisely to fit awkward areas and unlike other plastic intruder deterrents, bend both ways to fit rounded surfaces and corners. It is the perfect choice for covering most sized pipes and crossings. A metal banding system is the best approach to installing the product. The bands should be secured where the strips connect and in the middle of the strip where there is a gap designed specifically for metal banding.

DefendaStrip® is available in packs of 5m, 20m or 50m and for larger quantities, is available by the metre upon request. It comes in black, green, brown, grey and translucent colourways and other colours are available subject to a MOQ. It is UV resistant and can be recycled at the end of its useful life. DefendaStrip® is manufactured in England.