Hydrogen Regulators

All of Gascat’s regulators are pre-trimmed for a hydrogen mix. They also offer a number of valves that can be used for pure hydrogen:


High pressure regulator family capable of handling all HP gases and our flagship hydrogen valve. The DOMUS is pilot operated and was specifically designed for applications with high inlet pressure.

Its body and internal parts are all made from stainless steel. It can also be used with natural gas including CNG, nitrogen, oxygen, and other non-corrosive gases. Available from 10bar to 400bar.

This pressure regulator can be applied to a wide variety of situations:

  • NG and CNG decompression
  • Daughter stations
  • Well head
  • Virtual pipeline (road tankers)
  • High pressure testing
  • Industrial processes using high pressure cylinders of N2, H2 and natural gas

Benefits of the Domus hydrogen regulator include its simple operation, ease of handling and fast maintenance.

FTPS has recently used the DOMUS as Active Monitor within a recent High to Low Pressure PRS, which included our own pre heat Heat Pack and Verticle Heat Exchanger. The Domus was chosen for its precise control, accuracy and reliability.


The Gascat Governor 254 is a low differential pressure Governor adapted for extreme biogas. We supply the 254 Governor type regulator made totally in stainless steel ANSI 316L polished to operate with Biogas and Hydrogen and H2S contaminants in high concentrations.

Pressure regulators with low inlet pressure and low controlled pressures are called ‘Governors’ (British name); the main characteristic is they work with a very low differential pressure.

254 Governor is available in 2 to 8 inch ANSI 150 and PN16.


GIPS-FC slam shut valve

GIPS-FC Slam Shut Valves are made to be installed in gas skids for pressure regulation and metering.

The GIPS-FC Slam Shut protects the gas pipeline and all downstream instruments from the effects of unexpected over pressure, an interruption to the gas source and from a rupture in the pipeline.

Manufactured to EN 14382, the GIPS-FC can be regulated from 0 to 15 bar, can be disengaged in less than 1 second and is made to be 100% bubble tight.

With its unique design, the GIPS-FC is a manual reset with a very low pressure drop.  It has a wide range of set pressures which are not affected by the inlet pressure variation, and it can be installed easily, even upside down.

Full data for each of our regulators (both natural gas and hydrogen) can be downloaded here.


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