VRG Gas Flow Control

New Gas Flow Control Valve Features Zero Bleed Technology

We are delighted to announce the addition of the VRG flow control products to our portfolio of gas valves and, in particular, the world leading VRG gas control valve positioner featuring zero vent whilst stationary. In traditional systems a small amount of gas bleeds out due to the pressure of the gas opening and closing the valve. With the VRG system that doesn’t happen – if it’s not moving, it doesn’t bleed.

The obvious benefits can be seen in both environmental and financial savings. The no-vent feature, compared to a venting system, will make an annual CO2 saving which is the equivalent to taking 3 family-sized cars off the road! And of course you no longer have to pay for the gas that just bleeds out saving approximately £900 each year.

The US-based company, VRG Controls, engineers and manufactures high performance control valves and control instrumentation for natural gas regulation. VRG control instrumentation features simplicity and reliability specifically designed for gas pipeline applications. Their philosophy is to provide the highest quality instrumentation in tandem with an environmentally responsible approach. All VRG control instrumentation feature zero emissions capabilities that are good for the environment. FT Pipeline Systems is delighted to welcome aboard VRG Controls to our supply chain.