Hydrogen Regulators

Hydrogen is essential to the UK meeting its net zero emissions target and the opportunities presented by H2 are being researched across many industrial sectors up and down the entire country. FT Pipeline Systems is fortunate to be partnered with Brazilian-based Gascat Ltd and as such we are the exclusive UK distributor. Gascat have four decades of working with H2 and offer world-leading hydrogen regulators which are trimmed for pure hydrogen / and or pre trimmed for hydrogen blend.

FT Pipeline Systems is committed to future-proofing your gas control assets for the hydrogen mix. We are assisting the decarbonisation aim with more efficient control and offering pure hydrogen systems and hydrogen pre-trimmed systems that ensure the future of methane / hydrogen mix without the need to replace existing non-hydrogen ready control devices.

Regulators used for hydrogen are typically made with stainless steel bodies. Too much hydrogen against steel can embrittle it, which removes its strength.

Hydrogen Regulators – Uses

Hydrogen is used for many technologies such as:

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