Gas for Power

The Gas Division of FT Pipeline Systems designs, manufactures and commissions Gas Pressure Control Systems for natural gas, biogas, CNG and hydrogen from Class 2500 to millibar. We are the sole UK and Ireland distributor for Gascat (manufacturers of world-leading control valves, slam shuts and governors) and we also distribute VRG (who offer zero bleed high pressure gas positioners and ball valves) making our skid units exceptional in quality and safety.

FT Pipeline Systems is committed to future-proofing your gas control assets for the hydrogen mix. We are assisting the decarbonisation aim with more efficient control and offering pure hydrogen systems and hydrogen pre-trimmed systems that ensure the future of methane / hydrogen mix without the need to replace existing non-hydrogen ready control devices.
We also design and build our own gas pre-heat systems – water baths, vertical heat exchangers, and heat packs – and our gas stations use the latest CAD 3D platforms.

Pipes (coated and uncoated), valves, fittings and flanges are available to all accreditations and all recognised grades of material in the gas and fluid control market. H2S removal and metering requirements can also be met. Alternatively, if you simply need specific items, they can be quickly sourced and delivered swiftly and reliably, worldwide.

Please feel free to browse this section for technical information or simply contact us for prices or advice regarding gas pipes and their installation.

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