Pressure Reduction Stations

FT Pipeline Systems can manufacture pressure reduction stations to either a standard or bespoke design. We offer a choice of gas pressure regulators which are suitable for small industrial low-pressure systems through to high flow, high volume distribution, biogas or CNG / LNG systems. All of our regulators are pre-trimmed for a hydrogen / natural gas blend. Integrated slam shuts are also available.

Along with our supply partners, we build, deliver, install and commission bespoke and fully compliant pressure reducing stations for the UK gas market to the highest possible standards.  We build long-life assets to ensure your system produces results consistently and the quality of the build is reflected in its longevity. Our wide choice of valves and 3D computer modelling allow us to reduce skid footprints. Please contact the office for further information: 01543 416024 or email us at

The video above shows you around a large, single stream natural gas pressure reducing station and pre-heat system that was built at our dedicated manufacturing facility in the Midlands. The system is pre-trimmed to accept a 30% hydrogen blend and has a minimum design life of 25 years. The heatpak was designed by FTPS engineers to use waste steam on site to pre-heat the gas prior to depressurisation, thereby providing a greener alternative to NG or electrical pre-heat. This particular PRS was over 12m long and weighed more than 13 tonnes.

Gas to Power System Design

Gas to power and gas to industry skids can be designed, built and commissioned. Combining many years of industry experience with a strong supply chain of companies who are market leaders in their fields, FTPS can source and deliver all the products for your project.

Skid Manufacture

We currently manufacture a full range of skids, heat packs and water baths in Holland, Brazil and the UK. Tell us your inlet and what is required on the outlet and we will 3D design your system.

Hathor Complete Gas Train (Biogas trimmed by request)


Our compact, whole pressure reduction system is a fraction of the footprint of a traditional PRS and features:

Case Study: Class 600 PRS Fuel Gas System

Class 600 PRS


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