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Gascat Ltd. is a leading global supplier of gas control equipment specialising in gas pressure regulators, slam shut valves, filters and water bath heaters.

Pressure management of industrial gases is vital for safe working and is required to maintain a desired outlet pressure providing the required flow to satisfy a variable downstream demand. We supply gas pressure regulators for low, medium and high-pressure industrial and commercial applications. We offer a choice of regulators for outlet pressure control, inlet pressure control and differential pressure control. Small, pilot-operated gas pressure regulators provide accurate control in all pressure ranges.

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Full data for each of our regulators can be downloaded here. This includes the pressure range, whether it’s pilot or self-operated, available sizes, connections, inlet and outlet pressures, KG range, and whether it has built-in slam shuts and is hydrogen-ready. Please contact us if you’d like help with your selection by calling the office on 01543 416024 or sending an email to

We also offer a complete, compact pressure reducing station, Monobloc, suitable for natural gas and other gases. Monobloc is a fully integrated HP to LP station, suitablee for CNG, BIO but also, specifically suited to farm tap dutys.

FT Pipeline Systems experienced gas engineers can advise on the best system for your needs – simply tell us your inlet and outlet pressures. If you need to achieve a specific flow rate, or have a specific material requirement, just let us know. Our regulators can come complete with slam shuts and reliefs all built into one unit and our choice of valves allows for noise reduction.

Our extensive product knowledge combined with many years’ experience in systems design, allows us to build skid-mounted custom units designed for optimum operational efficiency and reduced costs.


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