FT Pipeline Systems offers catch-pots for all of our dual containment systems. The standard catch-pot is 450mm x 350mm x 300mm high with a 50mm flange for mounting. This can also be attached on the side of the catch-pot so you can mount it on a wall. Please note, this is the standard size but any size can be manufactured to suit your application.

The catch-pot is made of 9mm Polypropylene and has a removable clear lid secured with stainless steel screws. The lid is sealed with an EPDM gasket for an all-round watertight finish and the hose is connected by our bespoke range of fittings to an isolation valve from GF with a lockable handle.

Entry and exit for the DC Hose is by using our special tank connectors with a compression weather seal for sizes up to 32mm DC Hose and then a special boss is made to suit the 38mm and 50mm DC Hose using an O-ring for weather sealing. There is access in the top for a level sensor (Hawker E14 usually supplied) and a connection in the base for a ½” GF lockable handle drain valve.


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