Rigid Dual Containment Systems

FT Pipeline Systems offers two rigid dual containment systems:

SIMODUAL²  is available up to 225mm and offers the following features:

  1. Cost-effective and practical : the unique laying method facilitates safe and simple installation of the entire piping system. Thanks to the integrated anchor points, there is no need for any costly on-site welding work.
  2. High process reliability : both the medium carrier and the protective pipe of the SIMODUAl² double-containment piping systems are resilient in terms of exposure to full pressure loads. This means your system remains fully operational, even in the event of an emergency, and also complies with all environmental regulations.
  3. Standardised, all-inclusive system : SIMODUAL² is an easily assembled end-to-end system, including fittings and leak monitoring. The compact design ensures simple handling and installation. Valves and inspection ports are available on request.
  4. Certified materials : a consistently high standard of safety in the use of materials for SIMODUAL² is guaranteed.
  5. Excellent monitoring : Dual containment piping systems with built-in leak detection are mandatory when it comes to handling and monitoring the transport of highly aggressive substances. The space between the inner pipe carrying the substance and the protective outer pipe serves as a pressure-resistant containment chamber for any leaks that might occur. In addition, a detection system to provide constant monitoring is installed within the system so that, if a leak occurs, the appropriate sensors immediately register the problem.

The Guardian dual contained ‘pipe-in-pipe’ system is made from PVC-U material and is available from ½”#2″ up to 8″#12″. Its key features include:

  1. Patented Centra-Lok™ system holds fitting in the correct place prior to installation.
  2. Extremely easy to install – solvent weld jointing for both inner and outer.
  3. Visual or automated leak detection system available.
  4. Guardian is ideal for water and waste treatment applications as it allows the safe transportation of different fluids and some chemical concentrates without fear of corrosion and environmental pollution.