Water Treatment -Dual Containment Hose

Containment – “the action of keeping something harmful under control or within limits”

FT Pipeline Systems offers a range of solutions for the water treatment market. This includes both flexible dual containment hose and rigid pipe systems. Our flexible chemical dosing hose, which was developed in conjunction with a UK water authority, has the option of a built-in leak detection system and has now been adopted by a large number of water companies in the UK. In addition to this, we are experiencing global interest and have installations in North and South America, Europe and Australia. All products are available to the necessary accreditation and all recognised grades of materials supplied to the water market. Our rigid dual contained pipe is the Guardian system, a ‘pipe-in-pipe’ system made from PVC-U material. It offers a 25-year design life and is ideal for water and waste treatment applications.

Solutions are offered for all application requirements including chemical dosing, filtration, membrane technology and aeration. Markets which would benefit from our products range from water (potable, waste, industrial process) through to chemical and pharmaceutical (production, manufacture, distribution) and manufacturing (production cooling lines, water distribution, effluent treatment). Our dual containment hose has been installed in a number of food and beverage sites and in the pulp and paper industries. View a small collection of project installations here.

Dual Containment Hose – Lunch & Learn

Lunchtime presentations have proved very popular  – we are happy to come to your offices and give an informal demonstration of our dual containment, chemical dosing products. To book a presentation for you and a group of colleagues, please contact Roger Attisha to arrange a convenient date: rattisha@ftpipelinesystems.co.uk

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