Why Choose Steel?

Why Choose Steel for Water Pipes?

FTPS have been supplying coated and lined carbon steel water pipe for over thirty years and have seen numerous changes over the years which have lead to a solution that provides genuine longevity of service life. When considering fittings in particular, UK based manufacturers have retained the basic principle of applying an FBE finish with a focus on low cost whereas FTPS’ supply chain options are focused on providing different coatings according to their environment, with a 1000µm PU coating option as the premium product.

Of course FTPS realise that pricing is an important part of any project and the commercials have to work for the client, but to compromise on quality in favour of cost seems a folly exercise in today’s environment. After all, commercials are not restricted to the headline price but must include factors such as buildability and be fit for purpose. The “Gold Standard” is therefore FTPS’ aim in terms of supply chain offerings, providing the industry with the highest quality fittings to complement the mainline pipe supply.

An additional area of development has addressed the collaboration between FTPS and stakeholders; be they client, contractor or designer. Working alongside the designer has seen rationalisation of fitting requirements which has helped reduce costs; working with the contractor has assisted with the laying programme by understanding the priority of requirements and as a result reducing standing days waiting for items to arrive; and working with the client addresses any questions at source, removing lengthy relayed messages which can become confused or interpreted incorrectly.

The other big change has been with the delivery of materials. FTPS have a unique approach to their responsibilities providing extra security to the supply of new water mains. It isn’t simply a paperwork exercise – boots on the ground carrying out physical checks to the pipework and the recent move to provide QR traceability on fittings are all part of FTPS’ “client first” attitude, going above and beyond expectations.

For more information on FTPS’ coated and lined steel pipe and fitting solutions please email iharding@ftpipelinesystems.co.uk.


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