Water Treatment Centre in France Chooses Protectaflex

A site in France specialising in the treatment of effluents has chosen Protectaflex as part of the upgrade to their waste treatment centre as it meets all the technical and safety requirements. The SITREM site in Noisy-le-Sec will be equipped with 4 Protectaflex networks of 150 linear metres, mounted in parallel to ensure the routing of industrial effluents.

SITREM, which handles the treatment and recovery of wastewater generated by industries (waste loaded with sediment, polluted waste with organic load or hydrocarbon residues), is currently carrying out a rehabilitation operation on its site. This vast site, which covers more than 10,000 m2 , requires the conveying of polluted effluents to a new installation. Protectaflex was chosen to equip the site.

Protectaflex is a flexible dual contained hose system. Its unique design gives it a strong resistance to pressure and chemical attack, while offering a high level of reliability thanks to an innovative technology of continuous detection integrated in the event of a leak. Please contact us for futher details.


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